How to register?

If you are the person who's paying:

1. Please come to the CFLH office or just fill a pre-registration sheet online.

2. After pre-registration you have a week to transfer the total amount of the course to our account, and don't forget to indicate your name and your course code when you are operating the transfer:

   IBAN: CCPLLULL   LU98 1111 7047 9085 0000

   Any payment by bank transfer without the course code indicated, or the name of the person concerned, will not be taken into account by the office !

   You can also pay in cash at our office.


If you have a voucher from ADEM, OLAI, or any other social service:

1. With your voucher, please come to our office to fill your registration or you can do the pre-registration directly on our website and add your voucher by clicking on "add file" to validate your inscription.

2. You then have a week to transfer the amount of 10 euros to our bank account:

   IBAN: CCPLLULL   LU98 1111 7047 9085 0000

   or to come directly to our office to pay this amount in cash.


Registration Form

For receiving a special rate, a voucher from ADEM, OLAI or any other social organization must imperatively reach us at the time of registration !


Personal data

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