VERY IMPORTANT for language courses!

Three types of courses will be given from November 2020:

- elearning courses
- courses where the class would be separated in 2 groups of students. Each group will have 50% of the time in class-rooms and 50% remote course
-courses where the class would be separated in 2 groups of students. Each group will have 50 % e-elearning courses, 25%  of the time in class-rooms and 25% remote course


Mondays from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM

Thursdays, from 2.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Fridays, from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM



Members of the BoD


Anne Exbrayat: Présidente

Rezarta Bllaca: Vice-présidente

Hélène Daverdisse: Trésorière

Guy Reger: Administrateur

Nancy Colin Laitrefina: Administratrice

Abdou Sané: Administrateur


Training Center Lucien Huss

Founded in 2008, The Centre de Formation Lucien Huss (Center of Training Lucien
Huss) is a place of gathering, solidarity and learning languages and informatics skills
for the migrants of all origins.

This year, more than 250 courses of French, Luxembourgish, German, English, Arab
and Informatics have been organized and more than 4400 inscriptions were accounted
for. We even provide courses of literacy in French and these have had a tremendous

Our association aims at great goals like intercultural exchanges, the art of living
together and citizenship.


Our goals

1. Facilitate integration into the workplace

2. Improve social integration for the immigrants

3. Foster social mixing and citizenship</>



I. Facilitate integration into the workplace in order to :

  • Better and develop professional skills through the learning of languages and
  • Work and in hand with the employment agency (ADEM) and inform the students
    about the structures in place in Luxembourg: teach them how to set up a résumé,
    an application form and deal with a job interview.


II. Improve social integration for the immigrants so as to fight against isolation and
the tendency to group by community or ethnicity. We achieve this through cultural
activities such as simple visits of Luxembourg, meals, events like the CFLH annual
party, the migration festival…



III. Foster social mixing and citizenship

  • A better knowledge of the country’s history, of the city in order to « fit in” by
    visits of famous and cultural places and the Luxembourg and European
    institutions …
  • Gain insight into the local events and improve the knowledge of traditions,
    cultural habits and more though the national medias.

To achieve these, the CFLH partners with others like Amitié-Portugal-Luxembourg.
Furthermore, we work closely with the social workers: Olai, Adem, Cigl and other
association pursuing the same goals.

With a team of skilled teachers and passionate volunteers, the center has acquire a
strong reputation on a nation scale and the number of courses we proposed increases
each year !